SALZ Tokyo – First photoshoot

Hey lovelies!

A week ago I had my first photoshoot for the new brand SALZ Tokyo as mentioned in my last post.

I hired a friend to shoot photos for my lookbook. Got up at 6 a.m. to paint my face colorful (aka make-up), grab the balloons I for which I had to almost travel the world and meet in perfect weather at the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

Then we started.
A girl with colorful hair, clothing and balloons jumped around at the crossing for about an hour. Some people were staring but I had way too much fun to notice them. Marco the photographer said: ‘Anji you look so happy.’ Me: ‘Yaaay I got balloons. That’s all a girl need to be happy!!!’
I can’t even describe in words how much fun I had. Just AWESOME!

So let’s get to the results. Makeup, styling, clothing and the whole concept as well as posing by myself.
(Click on the photos to enlarge.)








I also made a first small concept video.
Was the first time for me but so much fun I can’t even… waaaah!

So check in out and share with fellow fashion or lifestyle lovers.

Afterwards we headed to Harajuku where I changed my outfit to a more cyber style.
The skirt is made by me for SALZ.





So how is your first impression?
Hopefully you enjoyed the video and photos.

Ah, I also made a SALZ Tokyo Facebook Fanpage where you can get updates and releases up to date. (Unfortunately its much quicker to just post sth there than writing a long post on my blog..)
So show me some love:

The SALZ Tokyo Homepage is still under construction, however you can watch the video there any time:

Lots of love xxx

Ah by the way the photo magic is from Marco TJ:

New fashion label – Salz Tokyo

The reason why there is so much silence in-between my blog posts has a name .

Actually I am working on a new fashion label at the moment which I am planning to release in approx. 1 month from now.
Why? You might ask – and I am happy to respond to that: The reason is, onegai kaeru being all cute and stuff, however it might be a little too cute (based on illustrations etc.), the name is a bit long and hard to pronounce/understand in overseas and does not fit 100% into my visions for the future.

The new brand shall be more simple, clean as well as (hopefully) cooler and a pure fashion related platform.

Currently I am working on my first clothing line. (Waaaaay!)
There will be very few limited items for the start though.

Further I will offer some vintage items which I found in London, Hamburg and Tokyo and some of my currently under onegai kaeru labelled hats and accessories.

What is the name of the new label?

Saly Tokyo logoSalz Tokyo is a fusion from my roots in Germany (born in a city famous for its salt) and my new home in Tokyo.


And what is the concept behind the name?

The designs and products will be a colorful mix from different cultures and regions. A street fashion label free from rules – combining casual and chic, cool and pop. No limits. Fashion should be fun!

Somehow the SALZ in the worldwide fashion soup.


What else?

I am still in the middle of making a website/online shop and am sewing clothes and planning photoshoots on the side.
In the coming weeks I will share bits and insights of my new brand and clothes (especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!) while moving closer to the release.

I would be more than happy if you follow and share this exciting time with me and also tell your friends about it!

My Instagram and Twitter accounts will change names on that account, onegai kaeru Facebook will stay though. Salz Tokyo should get his own Facebook page, right?
I will let you know about those changes anyway.

And what happens to onegai kaeru?

onegai kaeru and this homepage will stay.
However I will discontinue to blog in English and Japanese because it is just too time-consuming. The new page will have a blog in English though.

If there are any new products which fall in the ‘kawaii’ category, I will offer them on onegai kaeru. Everything else will be Salz Tokyo then.

I am hoping you guys will bear with me and are a little excited too?

Tokyo Design Festa May 2014 Report

After a little silence I am finally back with news from my exhibition.
Also this time I was participating at the ‘Tokyo Design Festa’ the biggest art event in Asia.

onegai kaeru just had a small table with no much decoration but powered hard the whole weekend.

So let me tell you in advance:
This was the best exhibit we ever had! It was super fun and we sold a lot!
I am really happy that after not so great experiences before this time was so positive! (That’s why we might participate in the next event again.)

So let me share some moments from our last weekend.
(After which every muscle of our body was sore. hehe)

Early morning we started with the set up of our booth. Silence before the storm..


Our finished table looked like that on day 1.

DSC03510From the popular tooth accessories to collar pins, bows, jewelry, flower crowns and hats. Some of those items are currently being sold in Harajuku as well.



On the first day I finally could meet Anggy from Indonesia of Enji (エンジ) .
We had already a year or longer contact via Instagram etc. and it was great to finally meet her in person. She had her booth in the same row as we did – what a great coincidence!

IMG_1217  DSC03584

She also got one of my veiled berets – Thank you so much!

DSC03630Also Kensuke from the band BrokenDoll who also has a Shop in Tokyo visited onegai kaeru.IMG_3338

This beautiful creature with amazingly long (and real) hair snapped one of my flower crowns away! Must look so cute on her.


The first day passed pretty quick. Hour by hour the table became a little emptier. Finally at home I worked on restocking 2 more items around midnight before getting up at 6am again.

Unfortunately we barely had time to look around, but I wanted to show you a few impressions from this event:

IMG_1192IMG_1194IMG_1198IMG_1203IMG_1206IMG_1204IMG_1208DSC03618DSC03615One booth was showing incredibly detailed miniature artworks looking so real!


Sunday we changed our booth display slightly to also offer some other products more visibly.

DSC03581 DSC03578

On Sunday we also had many visitors from fans, friends and funny creatures.

This girl bought my veiled lotus hair accessory in the Harajuku shop and visited me at the exhibition. She looks so cool! Love the style.

DSC03605She also got street-snapped (fashion snapped) in Harajuku with my hair accessory the other day.


Also Kaila, the kawaii founder of Rainbowholic and JapanLoverMe visited us with friends.


And more and more cute visitors..


Opposite of our booth some cute girls were exhibiting. We had a great time. I got a quick illustration of me and kaeru the frog and a bee earring. So talented!


It was overall a very positive and fun event and the Design Festa itself made a record of exhibitors and visitors this time!

At the moment I am working on some new stuff so stay tuned and have a great week!

Flea market – Selling my Japanese clothes

Finally I took the plunge and went through my closet to sort out clothes I haven’t worn in ages / or have almost never worn.

So I am looking to find new owners for my Japanese clothes and offer all for sale!
The prices shall be arranged, therefore please make an offer when interested (directly in the comments or send a mail to: admin[at]
Also I can make more photos, take measurements etc. when needed. Just let me know.

How it works:
♡ First-come-first-serve
♡ If interested please state number and title of item
♡ Sizes are European S/M, but many items are free-size, with stretch or wide too
♡ Shipping to anywhere in the world
♡ Payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer (within 1 week)

Let’s start with dresses:

1. Rose dress from Liz Lisa (SOLD!)

2. Beige dress from PouDouDou (SOLD!)

3. Red faux silk dress (SOLD!)

4. Blue velvet dress from Topshop

5. Sailor dress (shirt not included!) (SOLD!)


6. White rose dress

Jackets / Tops / Blouses:

7.  Black jacket from Zara

8. Crop Jeans Jacket from Liz Lisa (SOLD!)
(cape and lace removable)

9. Black jacket

10. Rosé jacket

11. Neckholder Top

12. V-Top from H&M

13. Yellow Shirt

14. Creme Shirt with dots

15. Beige shirt mit roses and batwing sleeve

16. Thin wool shirt with flowers and batwing sleeves

17. Creme Blouse (1 button missing / looks better when tucked into shorts)

Short pants / skirts:

18. Grey cat skirt (SOLD!)


19. White lace skirt
(brown dirt on it, may be removable)


20. Brown faux wild leather shorts (SOLD!)
(stretch, lace removable)

21. olive green faux leather shorts

22. High-waist Navy-blue Shorts, Size XS! (SOLD!)
(Indie designer item, bought in Hamburg, Germany)

23. Green high-waist flower print shorts (SOLD!)

24. White lace polka dot skirt

25. Check skirt from Liz Lisa
(slight stretch)


I am a EUR size 39 / 24.5 cm
All shoes barely worn.

26. Brown leather look heels

27. Wine red and gold heels (a bit bigger, maybe 25 cm?)


28. White flower Wedges


If you are interested then shoot me a comment below or write me a mail / tweet / whatever.
Postage depends on the weight, but for example 2-3 items may be still around $6 to the US / Europe. I can give you a detailed estimate if you like.

Please also share this with your friends because I really don’t want to throw any of these clothes away.
Thanks for checking and I would love to hear from you.

Shoe DIY – (Remake)

Today it’s all about shoes!

That’s because I tried something new and wanted to show you (DIY style).

Last year my husband was buying Vans sneakers in a rush and they turned out too small for hime. However he still forced himself to use them but gave up now.

They fit me pretty well (Yes, I am bigfoot) but I really hate this beige color. Terrible.
So I thought, why not try to spray paint them into a nicer color?

So I wanted to give it a shot and taped the rubber sole and inside to protect them from the spray paint.
(Of course you can do that more beautifully, but I had no painters tape at hand..)

I got myself a small spray can (Somay-Q) in gold color – a paint for leather and other smooth!! surfaces.
Well, the shoes are made of rough soft leather and I did not know how that’s going to turn out, but definitely wanted to try it out.

The shoes didn’t really take the color, but the glitter stayed, which gives the shoe a silver-gold glitter shine.
Unfortunately not as unique as I was hoping for, so I ripped off the whole tape from the sole and sprayed the rubber in squeaking gold.

Popped up with velvet strings I think the Vans are pretty fancy now!





In the sun they sparkle and shine like a golden egg.

So if you have some old worn out or unwanted (preferably smooth surfaced) shoes you can give it a try. It is really easy and fun and a cheap solution for new shoes.

Design Festa Vol.39 Tokyo Art Exhibition 

Happy Easter!

I have great announcement to make: I will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Design Festa again next month!

If you are around in Tokyo you should pay me a visit. This is a huge colorful and crazy exhibition and really worth to see. I will be showcasing new items for spring & summer but also showing some old favorites.

Here the details and a map so you can find me:

When: 17th & 18th May 2014

Where: Tokyo Big Sight / West Hall / 4th Floor

Booth number: I-148



Tickets are available beforehand for ¥800 or directly at the door for ¥1000. Opening at 11am and closing 7pm.

I had some new and simple name cards printed for this event and future use.onegai kaeru name card

Have a great Easter weekend and eat a chocolate bunny for me!

Hello Spring! Flowerful Japan!

Slowly Spring is coming to Japan!
This year it seems very slow and after a warm day we get kicked in the balls with at least two winter days, but Spring is definitely coming! Yay!

So I’d like to just tell you what I did the past two weeks. (At least the highlights..)

Finally I could meet the lovely Kaila (also listens to the name Rainbowholic).
She is a Philippine girl who lives in Japan and loves everything kawaii.
For Japan Fans she even kicked off this big project and made a Homepage/Community called JapanLoverMe and managed to gain a lot of followers over a short period! (Now over 250.000 on Facebook! Woow!)

We had waffles in Harajuku for breakfast and because she is “Rainbowholic” and a rainbow lover, I gave her one of my rainbow leather wing necklace. I so hope she likes it! ♡

Also I got blessed with gifts and got a ‘kawaii’ t-shirt, post cards, buttons etc. from JapanLoverMe and Rainbowholic.

After a loong and nice chat we went to take purikura (of course!) By the way: I wished I had such long skinny legs!! Nice job, computer! He!


My outfit that day. (Or let’s speak in tags: #ootd)
Vintage blouse and baseball jacket, silver designer skirt, Tokyo Bopper platform shoes, wing earrings, tooth necklace and flower crown with birds by me. (Detailed pics of the floral headband later.)

Last week I had to go and renew my Japanese drivers license and wasted a whole day for that (incl. lessons/videos on how to drive safely). Firstly you have to renew your drivers license every three years in Japan. Pretty much annoying.
drivers licence
(3 years in Japan. Before and after.)

The plum blossoms moved away to make space for the cherry blossoms to bloom now, but I’ll post some plum blossom photos anyway.



Due to too much spring feelings I also created some new accessories / jewelry for the season.
(They start selling at Avantgarde in Harajuku from 1st April – online sale starts later. If you want to get your hands on such piece, reserve via mail or comment. Because: LIMITED ITEM!)

Sakura Necklace



Sakura Earrings



Cherry blossom make-up

Made myself a choker necklace with a vintage stone. Very pretty.



Also I finally managed to make a proper banner for my Facebook page! I think for now its okay?!

My ordered hair dye arrived in the post! I always order directly from the U.K. since I dye my hair with LaRiche Directions hair dye. Because someone recommended me Crazy Color I also ordered some to see how they are. Let me know if you are interested in the results and I post about it.

So I refreshed my pastel hair a bit with blue and also made a gradation into pastel green. I guess that’s what you call ‘dip dye’. Or Mermaid Hair? Maybe I have mermaid hair now. I am a trending ‘pastel goth mermaid’. There ya go!

Also you might just glimpsed at another item I made just yesterday:
A cherry blossom flower crown. That is some tough work, but the result is lovely. Am wondering if I should offer them on Etsy or my shop?



Since I am kind of playful with eye make up recently I want to show you this purple & blue eyeshadow. So much spring feeling.

And since we are looking at flower crowns already, here some more decent shots of the floral headband with birdies.


Tomorrow morning my husband and me will start our business trip through Asia, that’s why I wont be blogging before 2 weeks..
(But I will keep posting on Instagram & Twitter so if you wanna stay up to date, just follow me: @onegai_kaeru)

See you soon, you lovely spring birds!

From head to collar

Today I want to show you my newest creations again.
And I made things for… the head down to the collar! (Surprise!)

Let’s start with the berets today.

It’s going to be fruity!

For example with the raspberry beret:


Here as a full style combo.
photo 5

Lemon beret:


I could also offer you some strawberries if you like:


Actually I also made star fruit and cherry berets but forgot to take photos before giving them to the shop in Harajuku. Meh.
At least I got some snaps from the shop staff:
photo 3

photo 1
(My shirts, iPhone covers and other accessories are also now on sale in Harajuku.)

photo 2

Ah, and at last my latest customer order from London: yellow with black hearts.
I think it looks terrific!
photo 4

Theeeen I want to show you my newest products:
Collar pins (or wherever you want to pin them..)

If you put them on, your face might drift strangely like that! (Just kidding!?)

Let’s start with the Hologram bow collar pins
I never made ribbons / bows before but it is actually fun. And looks nice.
2 variations available atm: Hologram und lilac holo.
ribbon collar pins




ribbon collar pins 2

Marguerite collar pin




Daisy & Bird collar pin




Last but not least something for your hair?
As a hair clip or hair band:







Also I had a lovely custom order to make which turned out so pretty that I almost wanted to keep it for myself.


So far so good about my new items. I even updated my shop already! (Usually I am too slow. Haha)

What do you like best?
Am actually not sure whether or not I should offer the fruit berets in my shop. It get’s kind of overwhelming.. Maybe just make them made to order?