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SALZ Tokyo – First photoshoot

Hey lovelies!

A week ago I had my first photoshoot for the new brand SALZ Tokyo as mentioned in my last post.

I hired a friend to shoot photos for my lookbook. Got up at 6 a.m. to paint my face colorful (aka make-up), grab the balloons I for which I had to almost travel the world and meet in perfect weather at the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

Then we started.
A girl with colorful hair, clothing and balloons jumped around at the crossing for about an hour. Some people were staring but I had way too much fun to notice them. Marco the photographer said: ‘Anji you look so happy.’ Me: ‘Yaaay I got balloons. That’s all a girl need to be happy!!!’
I can’t even describe in words how much fun I had. Just AWESOME!

So let’s get to the results. Makeup, styling, clothing and the whole concept as well as posing by myself.
(Click on the photos to enlarge.)








I also made a first small concept video.
Was the first time for me but so much fun I can’t even… waaaah!

So check in out and share with fellow fashion or lifestyle lovers.

Afterwards we headed to Harajuku where I changed my outfit to a more cyber style.
The skirt is made by me for SALZ.





So how is your first impression?
Hopefully you enjoyed the video and photos.

Ah, I also made a SALZ Tokyo Facebook Fanpage where you can get updates and releases up to date. (Unfortunately its much quicker to just post sth there than writing a long post on my blog..)
So show me some love: https://www.facebook.com/salztokyo

The SALZ Tokyo Homepage is still under construction, however you can watch the video there any time:

Lots of love xxx

Ah by the way the photo magic is from Marco TJ: http://www.marcotj.com

New fashion label – Salz Tokyo

The reason why there is so much silence in-between my blog posts has a name .

Actually I am working on a new fashion label at the moment which I am planning to release in approx. 1 month from now.
Why? You might ask – and I am happy to respond to that: The reason is, onegai kaeru being all cute and stuff, however it might be a little too cute (based on illustrations etc.), the name is a bit long and hard to pronounce/understand in overseas and does not fit 100% into my visions for the future.

The new brand shall be more simple, clean as well as (hopefully) cooler and a pure fashion related platform.

Currently I am working on my first clothing line. (Waaaaay!)
There will be very few limited items for the start though.

Further I will offer some vintage items which I found in London, Hamburg and Tokyo and some of my currently under onegai kaeru labelled hats and accessories.

What is the name of the new label?

Saly Tokyo logoSalz Tokyo is a fusion from my roots in Germany (born in a city famous for its salt) and my new home in Tokyo.


And what is the concept behind the name?

The designs and products will be a colorful mix from different cultures and regions. A street fashion label free from rules – combining casual and chic, cool and pop. No limits. Fashion should be fun!

Somehow the SALZ in the worldwide fashion soup.


What else?

I am still in the middle of making a website/online shop and am sewing clothes and planning photoshoots on the side.
In the coming weeks I will share bits and insights of my new brand and clothes (especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!) while moving closer to the release.

I would be more than happy if you follow and share this exciting time with me and also tell your friends about it!

My Instagram and Twitter accounts will change names on that account, onegai kaeru Facebook will stay though. Salz Tokyo should get his own Facebook page, right?
I will let you know about those changes anyway.

And what happens to onegai kaeru?

onegai kaeru and this homepage will stay.
However I will discontinue to blog in English and Japanese because it is just too time-consuming. The new page will have a blog in English though.

If there are any new products which fall in the ‘kawaii’ category, I will offer them on onegai kaeru. Everything else will be Salz Tokyo then.

I am hoping you guys will bear with me and are a little excited too?

Hello Spring! Flowerful Japan!

Slowly Spring is coming to Japan!
This year it seems very slow and after a warm day we get kicked in the balls with at least two winter days, but Spring is definitely coming! Yay!

So I’d like to just tell you what I did the past two weeks. (At least the highlights..)

Finally I could meet the lovely Kaila (also listens to the name Rainbowholic).
She is a Philippine girl who lives in Japan and loves everything kawaii.
For Japan Fans she even kicked off this big project and made a Homepage/Community called JapanLoverMe and managed to gain a lot of followers over a short period! (Now over 250.000 on Facebook! Woow!)

We had waffles in Harajuku for breakfast and because she is “Rainbowholic” and a rainbow lover, I gave her one of my rainbow leather wing necklace. I so hope she likes it! ♡

Also I got blessed with gifts and got a ‘kawaii’ t-shirt, post cards, buttons etc. from JapanLoverMe and Rainbowholic.

After a loong and nice chat we went to take purikura (of course!) By the way: I wished I had such long skinny legs!! Nice job, computer! He!


My outfit that day. (Or let’s speak in tags: #ootd)
Vintage blouse and baseball jacket, silver designer skirt, Tokyo Bopper platform shoes, wing earrings, tooth necklace and flower crown with birds by me. (Detailed pics of the floral headband later.)

Last week I had to go and renew my Japanese drivers license and wasted a whole day for that (incl. lessons/videos on how to drive safely). Firstly you have to renew your drivers license every three years in Japan. Pretty much annoying.
drivers licence
(3 years in Japan. Before and after.)

The plum blossoms moved away to make space for the cherry blossoms to bloom now, but I’ll post some plum blossom photos anyway.



Due to too much spring feelings I also created some new accessories / jewelry for the season.
(They start selling at Avantgarde in Harajuku from 1st April – online sale starts later. If you want to get your hands on such piece, reserve via mail or comment. Because: LIMITED ITEM!)

Sakura Necklace



Sakura Earrings



Cherry blossom make-up

Made myself a choker necklace with a vintage stone. Very pretty.



Also I finally managed to make a proper banner for my Facebook page! I think for now its okay?!

My ordered hair dye arrived in the post! I always order directly from the U.K. since I dye my hair with LaRiche Directions hair dye. Because someone recommended me Crazy Color I also ordered some to see how they are. Let me know if you are interested in the results and I post about it.

So I refreshed my pastel hair a bit with blue and also made a gradation into pastel green. I guess that’s what you call ‘dip dye’. Or Mermaid Hair? Maybe I have mermaid hair now. I am a trending ‘pastel goth mermaid’. There ya go!

Also you might just glimpsed at another item I made just yesterday:
A cherry blossom flower crown. That is some tough work, but the result is lovely. Am wondering if I should offer them on Etsy or my shop?



Since I am kind of playful with eye make up recently I want to show you this purple & blue eyeshadow. So much spring feeling.

And since we are looking at flower crowns already, here some more decent shots of the floral headband with birdies.


Tomorrow morning my husband and me will start our business trip through Asia, that’s why I wont be blogging before 2 weeks..
(But I will keep posting on Instagram & Twitter so if you wanna stay up to date, just follow me: @onegai_kaeru)

See you soon, you lovely spring birds!

Birthday – I am getting old..

On the 12th of March I turned 26 years old.
Actually that’s nothing great to blog about, but my husband and me had a relaxing day in Tokyo with just walking in the not too cold weather and eating.

Some early trees in the Yoyogi Park (close to Harajuku Station) showed off their beautiful pink cherry blossoms already, so we sat somewhere close with some drinks and enjoyed the spring feeling.




Afterwards we had a fancy dessert in Omotesando.


I went with pastel colors that day to embrace spring.
The flower print sweater, bag and baseball jacket are vintage clothes which I combined with a faux leather skirt and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. The flower crown is made by me.


These cool transparent socks were actually a gift!


Ah you guys, after passing the sweet 25 I feel like I am getting old already.
I mean I am moving towards 30! That kind of pushed me into a small crisis before my bday, but I think I am okay now.

Star affectations & Etsy event in Tokyo

Here I am with more news ☆

This time only smaller ones, but let’s see what happened the past week(s)..

First of all I was kept quite busy with a little bigger order: 19 pcs. of hats had to be made as soon as possible – mostly of them as an order from a HongKong based buyer. I was kind of rotating – and could not leave the house for 4 consequent days of making those hats from lunch time until 2am in the morning.
The result: 21 hats!!

After I delivered them, I took 2 days off. (Yes, I am weak. Hahah)
I you think about how much I actually make with this amount of work, it seems almost a bit stupid. But I am always preaching myself that this is just the start and once my brand is known and spread, I don’t need to pay those middlemen. Hopefully.
Come on! Let me dream a bit!

But what kind of rocked my socks was this happening:
Singer Yumi from the girl group ‘Juliet’ went to the Avantgarde Shop in Harajuku and bought my pink beret and white leather wing earrings!!
Not only that – she posted the pictures all over twitter (over 11K followers), instagram, wrote on her blog about my products and wrote me personally and followed me on those SNS platforms!!
So sweet!! And she is very cute too!
(Here some screenshots I wanted to show you.)


yumi from juliet

Ah, and she even wore my beret on stage at a live performance in Okinawa. ☆★
yumi juliet band

Her Blog entry:
She wrote:
‘This is a cute veiled beret from my favorite designer onegai kaeru, whose products are being sold at Avantgarde in Harajuku. I love the items from her because they feature exact the things I love. Further I love her happy aura. She also postet photos of me on her Twitter/Instagram so please have a look.’

No kidding! I did not pay her nor gave her anything free. This all happened out of sudden!
I am very happy and thankful. She even wrote me directly and seems to be a very lovely person. ♡

Then a week later – the next ‘surprise’ while I was scrolling through Twitter:
She went to the shop again to also purchase my veiled beanie with wings. Yaaaaaay!

And again a lovely entry on her blog:
Shortened a little:
‘I also got myself the veiled beanie from onegai kaeru. This one is also so kawaii with its pastel blue color and the wings on the side, you could almost lift up into heaven.
The veil hast been importet from the U.S. and everything is handmade. So lovely♡’

Yep. Also Anji almost lifted up into the sky with so many lovely comments and kawaii-ness. Hahah.

Now a hard topic change after so much praise on ‘myself’. Sorry to bore you with all this blabla but I was just so excited that I just had to tell you. It’s like an explosion of a huge bunch of balloons filled with glitter.. If you can follow.. LOL

So on Friday I took my husband to an Etsy event in Tokyo.
For everyone who doesn’t know Etsy – it’s an online marketplace where crafters/artists and vintage sellers gather and have tiny online shops. So apart from my own online store here on this homepage, I also do have one on the Etsy platform.

2 people from the Etsy Management flew all the way over to Tokyo to host this small event for Etsy sellers. Actually I couldn’t really imagine what such kind of event would be like, but I thought of it as a presentation of Etsy and a discussion while sitting in a chair circle..

On the way..

I needed to have a dress-code photo with my new Tokyo Bopper shoes which I got myself as a treat for my hard work. Hehe. (Always need to make up an excuse for myself to purchase little more expensive stuff.)

The event was hold in a small cosy room which they rented out in Harajuku.


Even finger food was prepared.

And drinks. (Unfortunately no alcohol for me.)

The event was a little different from my expectations. There was no presentation. Everyone stood just in the room and was chatting. And we were basically just questioned by the Etsy staff about our usage, experiences and ideas on how to get Etsy up on its feet in Japan.
Of course these guys don’t come all the way over to tell us strategies on how we could sell better, but I was actually hoping that they would give us a few hints and tweaks – but nothin’.
Apart from ‘successfully selling on Etsy is no magic’ I could not get any advise.
However at least I used the chance to let out what is pissing me off a little about the platform/the carelessness of Etsy itself. Let’s call it constructive feedback..

Well, it was interesting to visit such an event. Just experience-wise. I guess many folks use this opportunity to do some ‘networking’ with other crafters/sellers but I am not very fond of such things. (I might be a little unsocial at times..)

The room was lovely though. Kind of ‘urban chic’ or however its called nowadays. LOL



On the way back the famous Takeshita Street was calm and empty.

And because the finger food was not enough, we had a parfait as a night dessert. (You can see me hard working on networking all my SNS platforms. Snap a photo of my food – aaand put it on instagram. (Story of my life.)

Have a great start in the week, lovelies!
It’s February already btw. Ugh!

New veiled hat creations

January is already coming to an end.. Where has all my time gone?

Things are moving fast these days and I am working a lot on new creations as well as restocking the Avantgarde Shop in Harajuku as my hats and accessories are selling quick these days.
It’s a great feeling that people like my creations! A real blessing!

Well, even it is still cold cold Winter, I am feeling a bit Spring-ish already.
Or let’s say I am eagerly awaiting Spring to come. (Hurry up!!!)

So I made a new beret collection with flowers to speed up the process myself and put some Spring feelings in the peoples’ wardrobe. Let me show you what I mean.

Since the trend color of 2014 is told to be yellow, I had gave it a try and decorated this veiled beauty with same pastel toned withery flowers.



‘Spring tulips blooming in the snow’ beret. (Well, that name is a little long maybe.)



Here a stupid person for your refreshment.

‘Daisies in your hair’ beret version



‘Rose garden’ beret




Actually I made those hat names up. They just popped in my head and I thought it’s funny..

Recently I am making so many hats in different colors and designs that I even forget to take pictures at time, or have no time to do it because I need to deliver the Shop in Harajuku.
Therefore my homepage gallery and shop are not always up to date – so if you see something you like – just let me know in the comments or via mail/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook?
I can make also a hat in your favorite colors or design. Yes, I’d like to create a special item any time.

Just for fun I also tried a knit beanie in the ‘pastel goth’ style.
pastel cross knit

Other color combinations of my veiled hats:



Royal-blue with gold.


Also I made a pastel pink beret with white leather hearts holding the veil. Forgot to make photos of it, but the shop manager Momo-san did a snap for me.
Momo wearing onegai kaeru berets
She looks so lovely!!

Ah, and I made this flower crown for myself quite a while ago. End of 2013 actually.. I have no clue why I did not post this earlier. Ha!



At the moment I got a bigger order of 19 hats from a buyer in Hongkong. Haven’t actually left the house for 3 days now.. Uuuuh. I am tired, but also very very grateful of course.

That’s enough for now. Gotta get back to work. Hehe.
Will keep you posted. In the meantime feel free to write me in the comments. (I am not sure if anybody is reading my English blog posts.. but oh well, I’ll just keep talking to myself.)
Have a good one! Kisses from Japan ♡

Wing collection & Avantgarde Harajuku Shop Display

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had lovely holidays and a relaxing time with the family so far?

Since it’s the festive season, I am happy to announce that some of my new handmade accessories are now being sold at AVANTGARDE Japan – a famous and stylish shop in Tokyo’s heart of fashion, Harajuku.

So let me introduce my new items straight away. If you are in town, make sure to have a peek at AVANTGARDE (アバンギャルド) in Harajuku! They sell cool print tights, harnesses, hats and other handmade items from different artists.

So let’s start with the head wear:

For a casual-chic look I decorated berets, beanies and basecaps with russian veil.
I am importing the veil from the U.S. since the quality is wonderful and the veil very soft and well made.
Everything is kept in place with hand crafted and painted leather wings, hiding a pin behind. The pin enables you to adjust the position of the veil fitting your style and needs and also allows you to remove everything if you want to.

At the moment the beret is available in black, blue and red, but I am working on pastel colored berets at the moment.






red veiled beret 1



(Thanks to my beautiful models: Kaoru, Misato and Akane.)

Also I have tried this style with knit beanies aka knit hats. Black and red is available with black or gold veil. Pastel colors are on my list though..







Just for fun I decorated some flatback baseball caps with veil as well. Isnt’ that cute? The veil here has been sewn by hand into the inside of the cap and can not be removed.




A photo with the shop manager of Avantgarde:
Avantgarde with Momoe

And a friend of mine got her hands on the knit version before I could place them in the shop. Ha ha! She looks adorable!
Kaori veil hat

My question to you: Which head wear do you actually like best?
I love berets, but what’s your favorite? Beanie, caps, berets or ..?

Generally I really have always loved leather. The feeling, the smell, the durability – leather is a wonderful material and so fashionable.
That’s why I thought up some new accessories in shape of angel wings – made from soft leather. Each piece is cut, painted and crafted by hand.
You have seen them already on the hats above, however I also made some earrings, choker and necklaces in different colors.
Of course those are on sale in Harajuku now too! Yayyy! So let me introduce them to you now:

wing pierce black

wing pierce white

wing pierce white front

Currently available colors are black, white, gold, pastel pink, pastel blue and red.

And am so proud of my new product tags – but I tell you more about it later. .

Since I also want to show you the choker necklace:

wing choker white

wing choker white front

wing choker gold

Rainbow special edition:
wing choker rainbow

In general you can get them in the same colors as the earrings – plus the rainbow one.

This rainbow necklace is completely hand colored and attached to a gentle metal chain.
wing necklace rainbow


Can you still follow? Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to show you all together.

☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆

For the shop display I also designed and had proper product tags printed. I hope you like them.

DSC05736Actually I also got fabric tags for the hats and clothes, but don’t have a photo at hand now.

Before I show you the shop, I will make a topic change again so you don’t get surprised: I changed my hair color again. Back to blue for winter. It’s a lovely watery light blue.

…and a fluffy pimp coat for winter. You might have realized it already.

So last week I met my friend, since she wanted to see my shop display. On that occasion I got the chance to take some pictures for you.

Here a sneak peek into the AVANTGARDE JAPAN Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo:
(A shop mainly known for its amazing print tights and cool accessories.)




My hats:


And here the glass case of my dreams:






With my friend Aoi ♡

On the first sales day a beret and some earrings and choker sold immediately. So happy!

Thank you so much!

Aoi and I had styled ourselves a little ‘darker’ in a gothic style, because Aoi’s twin sister Akane was having a live concert with her band in Shibuya.
Since we still had some time, we took some Harajuku Street Fashion Snaps in Omotesando.





In the evening we finally enjoyed Akane with her rock band IRIS MONDE !
If you like you can keep an eye on them via Facebook / Twitter or such.


Colored hairrrrrrrrrr!
color girls

Talking about colors. I made a collection of my hair colors in 2013:
hair colors in 2013Many people say that blue suits me best. I wonder if that’s true?!


Thank you very much for reading!

I wish you happy holidays and a great new year 2014! Let it rock and enjoy your life!

On a side note: I am always grateful for critique, ideas or suggestions. So feel free to write me which are your favorite items or colors so I can learn from you. My shop is also finally up to date. Yay!