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Shoe DIY – (Remake)

Today it’s all about shoes!

That’s because I tried something new and wanted to show you (DIY style).

Last year my husband was buying Vans sneakers in a rush and they turned out too small for hime. However he still forced himself to use them but gave up now.

They fit me pretty well (Yes, I am bigfoot) but I really hate this beige color. Terrible.
So I thought, why not try to spray paint them into a nicer color?

So I wanted to give it a shot and taped the rubber sole and inside to protect them from the spray paint.
(Of course you can do that more beautifully, but I had no painters tape at hand..)

I got myself a small spray can (Somay-Q) in gold color – a paint for leather and other smooth!! surfaces.
Well, the shoes are made of rough soft leather and I did not know how that’s going to turn out, but definitely wanted to try it out.

The shoes didn’t really take the color, but the glitter stayed, which gives the shoe a silver-gold glitter shine.
Unfortunately not as unique as I was hoping for, so I ripped off the whole tape from the sole and sprayed the rubber in squeaking gold.

Popped up with velvet strings I think the Vans are pretty fancy now!





In the sun they sparkle and shine like a golden egg.

So if you have some old worn out or unwanted (preferably smooth surfaced) shoes you can give it a try. It is really easy and fun and a cheap solution for new shoes.