New fashion label – Salz Tokyo

The reason why there is so much silence in-between my blog posts has a name .

Actually I am working on a new fashion label at the moment which I am planning to release in approx. 1 month from now.
Why? You might ask – and I am happy to respond to that: The reason is, onegai kaeru being all cute and stuff, however it might be a little too cute (based on illustrations etc.), the name is a bit long and hard to pronounce/understand in overseas and does not fit 100% into my visions for the future.

The new brand shall be more simple, clean as well as (hopefully) cooler and a pure fashion related platform.

Currently I am working on my first clothing line. (Waaaaay!)
There will be very few limited items for the start though.

Further I will offer some vintage items which I found in London, Hamburg and Tokyo and some of my currently under onegai kaeru labelled hats and accessories.

What is the name of the new label?

Saly Tokyo logoSalz Tokyo is a fusion from my roots in Germany (born in a city famous for its salt) and my new home in Tokyo.


And what is the concept behind the name?

The designs and products will be a colorful mix from different cultures and regions. A street fashion label free from rules – combining casual and chic, cool and pop. No limits. Fashion should be fun!

Somehow the SALZ in the worldwide fashion soup.


What else?

I am still in the middle of making a website/online shop and am sewing clothes and planning photoshoots on the side.
In the coming weeks I will share bits and insights of my new brand and clothes (especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!) while moving closer to the release.

I would be more than happy if you follow and share this exciting time with me and also tell your friends about it!

My Instagram and Twitter accounts will change names on that account, onegai kaeru Facebook will stay though. Salz Tokyo should get his own Facebook page, right?
I will let you know about those changes anyway.

And what happens to onegai kaeru?

onegai kaeru and this homepage will stay.
However I will discontinue to blog in English and Japanese because it is just too time-consuming. The new page will have a blog in English though.

If there are any new products which fall in the ‘kawaii’ category, I will offer them on onegai kaeru. Everything else will be Salz Tokyo then.

I am hoping you guys will bear with me and are a little excited too?

Hello Spring! Flowerful Japan!

Slowly Spring is coming to Japan!
This year it seems very slow and after a warm day we get kicked in the balls with at least two winter days, but Spring is definitely coming! Yay!

So I’d like to just tell you what I did the past two weeks. (At least the highlights..)

Finally I could meet the lovely Kaila (also listens to the name Rainbowholic).
She is a Philippine girl who lives in Japan and loves everything kawaii.
For Japan Fans she even kicked off this big project and made a Homepage/Community called JapanLoverMe and managed to gain a lot of followers over a short period! (Now over 250.000 on Facebook! Woow!)

We had waffles in Harajuku for breakfast and because she is “Rainbowholic” and a rainbow lover, I gave her one of my rainbow leather wing necklace. I so hope she likes it! ♡

Also I got blessed with gifts and got a ‘kawaii’ t-shirt, post cards, buttons etc. from JapanLoverMe and Rainbowholic.

After a loong and nice chat we went to take purikura (of course!) By the way: I wished I had such long skinny legs!! Nice job, computer! He!


My outfit that day. (Or let’s speak in tags: #ootd)
Vintage blouse and baseball jacket, silver designer skirt, Tokyo Bopper platform shoes, wing earrings, tooth necklace and flower crown with birds by me. (Detailed pics of the floral headband later.)

Last week I had to go and renew my Japanese drivers license and wasted a whole day for that (incl. lessons/videos on how to drive safely). Firstly you have to renew your drivers license every three years in Japan. Pretty much annoying.
drivers licence
(3 years in Japan. Before and after.)

The plum blossoms moved away to make space for the cherry blossoms to bloom now, but I’ll post some plum blossom photos anyway.



Due to too much spring feelings I also created some new accessories / jewelry for the season.
(They start selling at Avantgarde in Harajuku from 1st April – online sale starts later. If you want to get your hands on such piece, reserve via mail or comment. Because: LIMITED ITEM!)

Sakura Necklace



Sakura Earrings



Cherry blossom make-up

Made myself a choker necklace with a vintage stone. Very pretty.



Also I finally managed to make a proper banner for my Facebook page! I think for now its okay?!

My ordered hair dye arrived in the post! I always order directly from the U.K. since I dye my hair with LaRiche Directions hair dye. Because someone recommended me Crazy Color I also ordered some to see how they are. Let me know if you are interested in the results and I post about it.

So I refreshed my pastel hair a bit with blue and also made a gradation into pastel green. I guess that’s what you call ‘dip dye’. Or Mermaid Hair? Maybe I have mermaid hair now. I am a trending ‘pastel goth mermaid’. There ya go!

Also you might just glimpsed at another item I made just yesterday:
A cherry blossom flower crown. That is some tough work, but the result is lovely. Am wondering if I should offer them on Etsy or my shop?



Since I am kind of playful with eye make up recently I want to show you this purple & blue eyeshadow. So much spring feeling.

And since we are looking at flower crowns already, here some more decent shots of the floral headband with birdies.


Tomorrow morning my husband and me will start our business trip through Asia, that’s why I wont be blogging before 2 weeks..
(But I will keep posting on Instagram & Twitter so if you wanna stay up to date, just follow me: @onegai_kaeru)

See you soon, you lovely spring birds!

First tries with a sewing machine

I accepted a new challenge: The fight and first tries with a sewing machine.
… and I gotta say it’s FUN!
Well, the sewing itself is great. The preparation, pattern making and measuring is a terrible pain though!!

For the start I tried to make a simple shopping bag / tote bag and was quite happy with the result. (Look at that happy kid!)

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

On the next day I tried to sew a cosmetic bag with zipper. (Due to the sewing machine only being borrowed I had to drive a hard schedule.) I didn’t make a photo because I am too lazy and after all it’s just a white bag so not extremely thrilling.

2 weeks later I wanted to try to sew me a dress. Again I borrowed the sewing machine and had a time limit of 2 days. I did the pattern myself and also the measuring – Thanks to YouTube there are answers to everything you want to learn. But still it was a pain.

Then I worked on my dress for 2 straight days 12 hours each with no break. My mother in law helped me to put needles and gave me good hints. Without her I also couldn’t have been finishing on Sunday Midnight.

But enough blabla. Let’s check out the result folks! My pride – the watermelon dress!

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

I am thinking of getting a sewing machine myself soon. If you have any recommendations just let me know in the comments.


Handmade in Japan Fes 2013

Today I had a look at the new exhibition event in Tokyo – the Handmade in Japan Fes – a platform for individual artists and hobbyists to showcase their art and sell their hand craft.

It was quite similar but much smaller than the Tokyo Design Festa which is also held twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight. I have written about that event and my exhibition there already, so I was interested to see how this one looks like.

So let’s have a stroll around:


Another reason to be at the event was to visit my friends booth. She was exhibiting for the first time and was very excited – even there was no reason! Her booth looked 1000 times more professional than mine!!
Her brand name is called 3329 mimizuku and she creates wonderful leather accessories like earrings and necklaces.



My favorite earrings are these below. I bought the blue ones from her! So cute!!

mimizuku anemone

Her online shop is http://www.creema.jp/c/mimizuku (Japanese) and her Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/3329mimizuku. Please follow if you like what you see.

Afterwards we kept looking around..


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