Tokyo Design Festa

Tokyo Design Festa May 2014 Report

After a little silence I am finally back with news from my exhibition.
Also this time I was participating at the ‘Tokyo Design Festa’ the biggest art event in Asia.

onegai kaeru just had a small table with no much decoration but powered hard the whole weekend.

So let me tell you in advance:
This was the best exhibit we ever had! It was super fun and we sold a lot!
I am really happy that after not so great experiences before this time was so positive! (That’s why we might participate in the next event again.)

So let me share some moments from our last weekend.
(After which every muscle of our body was sore. hehe)

Early morning we started with the set up of our booth. Silence before the storm..


Our finished table looked like that on day 1.

DSC03510From the popular tooth accessories to collar pins, bows, jewelry, flower crowns and hats. Some of those items are currently being sold in Harajuku as well.



On the first day I finally could meet Anggy from Indonesia of Enji (エンジ) .
We had already a year or longer contact via Instagram etc. and it was great to finally meet her in person. She had her booth in the same row as we did – what a great coincidence!

IMG_1217  DSC03584

She also got one of my veiled berets – Thank you so much!

DSC03630Also Kensuke from the band BrokenDoll who also has a Shop in Tokyo visited onegai kaeru.IMG_3338

This beautiful creature with amazingly long (and real) hair snapped one of my flower crowns away! Must look so cute on her.


The first day passed pretty quick. Hour by hour the table became a little emptier. Finally at home I worked on restocking 2 more items around midnight before getting up at 6am again.

Unfortunately we barely had time to look around, but I wanted to show you a few impressions from this event:

IMG_1192IMG_1194IMG_1198IMG_1203IMG_1206IMG_1204IMG_1208DSC03618DSC03615One booth was showing incredibly detailed miniature artworks looking so real!


Sunday we changed our booth display slightly to also offer some other products more visibly.

DSC03581 DSC03578

On Sunday we also had many visitors from fans, friends and funny creatures.

This girl bought my veiled lotus hair accessory in the Harajuku shop and visited me at the exhibition. She looks so cool! Love the style.

DSC03605She also got street-snapped (fashion snapped) in Harajuku with my hair accessory the other day.


Also Kaila, the kawaii founder of Rainbowholic and JapanLoverMe visited us with friends.


And more and more cute visitors..


Opposite of our booth some cute girls were exhibiting. We had a great time. I got a quick illustration of me and kaeru the frog and a bee earring. So talented!


It was overall a very positive and fun event and the Design Festa itself made a record of exhibitors and visitors this time!

At the moment I am working on some new stuff so stay tuned and have a great week!

Handmade in Japan Fes 2013

Today I had a look at the new exhibition event in Tokyo – the Handmade in Japan Fes – a platform for individual artists and hobbyists to showcase their art and sell their hand craft.

It was quite similar but much smaller than the Tokyo Design Festa which is also held twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight. I have written about that event and my exhibition there already, so I was interested to see how this one looks like.

So let’s have a stroll around:


Another reason to be at the event was to visit my friends booth. She was exhibiting for the first time and was very excited – even there was no reason! Her booth looked 1000 times more professional than mine!!
Her brand name is called 3329 mimizuku and she creates wonderful leather accessories like earrings and necklaces.



My favorite earrings are these below. I bought the blue ones from her! So cute!!

mimizuku anemone

Her online shop is (Japanese) and her Facebook fan page Please follow if you like what you see.

Afterwards we kept looking around..


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Tokyo Design Festa 2013 Report

I am done!

Finally I finished my weekend at the Tokyo Design Festa 2013.
I have to admit it was quite a little tough – but let me start from the beginning.

On the 18./19. of May my husband and I rolled out of bed in the early morning and squeezed ourselves through the trains with our voluminous luggage.
The most tools and products were fitting in my suitscase, the pipes for our wall were carried by my other half and the phonecases were hanging in a seperate bag on my shoulder.

Of course I thought 2 hours would be way enough for setting up our booth and having a relxed breakfast…
And there was I: At 11am with a naked table, while the first visitors ran in the hall.
I was sweating and the morning was just super stressful. Plus I didn’t eat nearly the whole day.

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

Against my expectations there weren’t so many visitors on Saturday. And the people passing by my booth were not crazily ripping the products from my table to exchange them with money.
Shocking! I worked several months without participating in human interactions and any relaxation to stock enough goods for this event and then.. not many customers.
Depressive thoughts overwhelmed me and I wanted to faint. With the closing of the doors at 7pm I was quite happy that the day was over. My whole body hurtet from standing and my eyes were tired.

On Sunday morning I forced myself out of the bed at the same time. I felt as if I would have been hard drinking all night. No energy, just worn out.
My husband was coaching me from the side while we sat on the train to the Tokyo Big Sight venue. I was tired after the first day, but pushed all my energy reserves to produce a smile.

After our arrival we rearranged our table display and cheered us up with positive thoughts. I felt more relaxed on the 2nd day.
Since I somehow knew after the first day how it feels to have a booth, I greeted the first visitors with more confidence.

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

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Tokyo Design Festa 2013 – Visit my booth ♪

Oh, I haven’t told you yet about this amazing news:
In less then a month I will exhibit and sell my works on the famous “Tokyo Design Festa” at Tokyo Big Sight – a very huge venue!

Really exciting for me, although I may drown in the masses of the other 3,000 exhibits. Ha!

In case you live in Japan or are here and have some time, I would like to invite you and have a look around.
It’s a very colorful event where people of all ages sell their very unique art, hand crafts, accessories and clothes. The sky is the limit! Really – I have barely seen so many different styles and ideas.
There are live painting shows, other entertainment and live music throughout the day, to keep you entertained.

For more details check here:

The event will be hold on the 18th and 19th of May 2013 – 11 am to 7 pm.
You can reach the Tokyo Big Sight Venue in Odaiba by the train lines “Rinkai line” or “Yurikamome”. The station you need to get off is called 国際展示場 (kokusai-tenjijou) or 国際展示場正門 (kokusai-tenjijou-seimon). You can barely miss it!

A ticket for the Design Festa cost 800 JPY if you purchase in advance and 1,000 JPY if you buy it on your arrival.
Two day passes will be 1,500 JPY in advance and 1,800 JPY on the door.

I want to have a look, but where can I find you?
Well, there are 2 floors – the 1st and the 4th floor.
You can find me on the upper floor (4th) – Booth No. J-114 (see location on the map below)

Tokyo Design Festa 37 Map

You can shop phone cases, t-shirts, stickers and accessories from me on that weekend.

Hope to see you there!

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