SALZ Tokyo – First photoshoot

Hey lovelies!

A week ago I had my first photoshoot for the new brand SALZ Tokyo as mentioned in my last post.

I hired a friend to shoot photos for my lookbook. Got up at 6 a.m. to paint my face colorful (aka make-up), grab the balloons I for which I had to almost travel the world and meet in perfect weather at the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

Then we started.
A girl with colorful hair, clothing and balloons jumped around at the crossing for about an hour. Some people were staring but I had way too much fun to notice them. Marco the photographer said: ‘Anji you look so happy.’ Me: ‘Yaaay I got balloons. That’s all a girl need to be happy!!!’
I can’t even describe in words how much fun I had. Just AWESOME!

So let’s get to the results. Makeup, styling, clothing and the whole concept as well as posing by myself.
(Click on the photos to enlarge.)








I also made a first small concept video.
Was the first time for me but so much fun I can’t even… waaaah!

So check in out and share with fellow fashion or lifestyle lovers.

Afterwards we headed to Harajuku where I changed my outfit to a more cyber style.
The skirt is made by me for SALZ.





So how is your first impression?
Hopefully you enjoyed the video and photos.

Ah, I also made a SALZ Tokyo Facebook Fanpage where you can get updates and releases up to date. (Unfortunately its much quicker to just post sth there than writing a long post on my blog..)
So show me some love:

The SALZ Tokyo Homepage is still under construction, however you can watch the video there any time:

Lots of love xxx

Ah by the way the photo magic is from Marco TJ:

First tries with a sewing machine

I accepted a new challenge: The fight and first tries with a sewing machine.
… and I gotta say it’s FUN!
Well, the sewing itself is great. The preparation, pattern making and measuring is a terrible pain though!!

For the start I tried to make a simple shopping bag / tote bag and was quite happy with the result. (Look at that happy kid!)

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

On the next day I tried to sew a cosmetic bag with zipper. (Due to the sewing machine only being borrowed I had to drive a hard schedule.) I didn’t make a photo because I am too lazy and after all it’s just a white bag so not extremely thrilling.

2 weeks later I wanted to try to sew me a dress. Again I borrowed the sewing machine and had a time limit of 2 days. I did the pattern myself and also the measuring – Thanks to YouTube there are answers to everything you want to learn. But still it was a pain.

Then I worked on my dress for 2 straight days 12 hours each with no break. My mother in law helped me to put needles and gave me good hints. Without her I also couldn’t have been finishing on Sunday Midnight.

But enough blabla. Let’s check out the result folks! My pride – the watermelon dress!

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

First tries with sewing machine

I am thinking of getting a sewing machine myself soon. If you have any recommendations just let me know in the comments.


Handmade in Japan Fes 2013

Today I had a look at the new exhibition event in Tokyo – the Handmade in Japan Fes – a platform for individual artists and hobbyists to showcase their art and sell their hand craft.

It was quite similar but much smaller than the Tokyo Design Festa which is also held twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight. I have written about that event and my exhibition there already, so I was interested to see how this one looks like.

So let’s have a stroll around:


Another reason to be at the event was to visit my friends booth. She was exhibiting for the first time and was very excited – even there was no reason! Her booth looked 1000 times more professional than mine!!
Her brand name is called 3329 mimizuku and she creates wonderful leather accessories like earrings and necklaces.



My favorite earrings are these below. I bought the blue ones from her! So cute!!

mimizuku anemone

Her online shop is (Japanese) and her Facebook fan page Please follow if you like what you see.

Afterwards we kept looking around..


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Tokyo Summer / Handmade Collection

A big HELLO from Tokyo!

Recently it’s pretty hot in the city: 35°C at 60% humidity.

The rainy season has passed and the summer is kind of punching you in the face. I am trying to fight back with various hair colors:

colored hair

colored hair

colored hair

colored hair

Blue hair with purple tips (aka dip dye) is my actual color, however I like green the best and therefore will go green again afterwards. (The colors have been ordered already. Hehe!)

And because I forgot to post my handmade items made so far I will do it all on once now, so beware.

Let’s start with thw Ahoy Sailor Frog iPhone cover:
Ahoy frog2 phone case

The peacock iPhone cover with a real feather inserted carefully. (Shines so beautifully in the light.)
peacock phone case 2

peacock phone case 4

Gold Koi premium iPhone case:


More Maiko / Geisha Kimono Phone Cases:


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