veiled beret

From head to collar

Today I want to show you my newest creations again.
And I made things for… the head down to the collar! (Surprise!)

Let’s start with the berets today.

It’s going to be fruity!

For example with the raspberry beret:


Here as a full style combo.
photo 5

Lemon beret:


I could also offer you some strawberries if you like:


Actually I also made star fruit and cherry berets but forgot to take photos before giving them to the shop in Harajuku. Meh.
At least I got some snaps from the shop staff:
photo 3

photo 1
(My shirts, iPhone covers and other accessories are also now on sale in Harajuku.)

photo 2

Ah, and at last my latest customer order from London: yellow with black hearts.
I think it looks terrific!
photo 4

Theeeen I want to show you my newest products:
Collar pins (or wherever you want to pin them..)

If you put them on, your face might drift strangely like that! (Just kidding!?)

Let’s start with the Hologram bow collar pins
I never made ribbons / bows before but it is actually fun. And looks nice.
2 variations available atm: Hologram und lilac holo.
ribbon collar pins




ribbon collar pins 2

Marguerite collar pin




Daisy & Bird collar pin




Last but not least something for your hair?
As a hair clip or hair band:







Also I had a lovely custom order to make which turned out so pretty that I almost wanted to keep it for myself.


So far so good about my new items. I even updated my shop already! (Usually I am too slow. Haha)

What do you like best?
Am actually not sure whether or not I should offer the fruit berets in my shop. It get’s kind of overwhelming.. Maybe just make them made to order?

Star affectations & Etsy event in Tokyo

Here I am with more news ☆

This time only smaller ones, but let’s see what happened the past week(s)..

First of all I was kept quite busy with a little bigger order: 19 pcs. of hats had to be made as soon as possible – mostly of them as an order from a HongKong based buyer. I was kind of rotating – and could not leave the house for 4 consequent days of making those hats from lunch time until 2am in the morning.
The result: 21 hats!!

After I delivered them, I took 2 days off. (Yes, I am weak. Hahah)
I you think about how much I actually make with this amount of work, it seems almost a bit stupid. But I am always preaching myself that this is just the start and once my brand is known and spread, I don’t need to pay those middlemen. Hopefully.
Come on! Let me dream a bit!

But what kind of rocked my socks was this happening:
Singer Yumi from the girl group ‘Juliet’ went to the Avantgarde Shop in Harajuku and bought my pink beret and white leather wing earrings!!
Not only that – she posted the pictures all over twitter (over 11K followers), instagram, wrote on her blog about my products and wrote me personally and followed me on those SNS platforms!!
So sweet!! And she is very cute too!
(Here some screenshots I wanted to show you.)


yumi from juliet

Ah, and she even wore my beret on stage at a live performance in Okinawa. ☆★
yumi juliet band

Her Blog entry:
She wrote:
‘This is a cute veiled beret from my favorite designer onegai kaeru, whose products are being sold at Avantgarde in Harajuku. I love the items from her because they feature exact the things I love. Further I love her happy aura. She also postet photos of me on her Twitter/Instagram so please have a look.’

No kidding! I did not pay her nor gave her anything free. This all happened out of sudden!
I am very happy and thankful. She even wrote me directly and seems to be a very lovely person. ♡

Then a week later – the next ‘surprise’ while I was scrolling through Twitter:
She went to the shop again to also purchase my veiled beanie with wings. Yaaaaaay!

And again a lovely entry on her blog:
Shortened a little:
‘I also got myself the veiled beanie from onegai kaeru. This one is also so kawaii with its pastel blue color and the wings on the side, you could almost lift up into heaven.
The veil hast been importet from the U.S. and everything is handmade. So lovely♡’

Yep. Also Anji almost lifted up into the sky with so many lovely comments and kawaii-ness. Hahah.

Now a hard topic change after so much praise on ‘myself’. Sorry to bore you with all this blabla but I was just so excited that I just had to tell you. It’s like an explosion of a huge bunch of balloons filled with glitter.. If you can follow.. LOL

So on Friday I took my husband to an Etsy event in Tokyo.
For everyone who doesn’t know Etsy – it’s an online marketplace where crafters/artists and vintage sellers gather and have tiny online shops. So apart from my own online store here on this homepage, I also do have one on the Etsy platform.

2 people from the Etsy Management flew all the way over to Tokyo to host this small event for Etsy sellers. Actually I couldn’t really imagine what such kind of event would be like, but I thought of it as a presentation of Etsy and a discussion while sitting in a chair circle..

On the way..

I needed to have a dress-code photo with my new Tokyo Bopper shoes which I got myself as a treat for my hard work. Hehe. (Always need to make up an excuse for myself to purchase little more expensive stuff.)

The event was hold in a small cosy room which they rented out in Harajuku.


Even finger food was prepared.

And drinks. (Unfortunately no alcohol for me.)

The event was a little different from my expectations. There was no presentation. Everyone stood just in the room and was chatting. And we were basically just questioned by the Etsy staff about our usage, experiences and ideas on how to get Etsy up on its feet in Japan.
Of course these guys don’t come all the way over to tell us strategies on how we could sell better, but I was actually hoping that they would give us a few hints and tweaks – but nothin’.
Apart from ‘successfully selling on Etsy is no magic’ I could not get any advise.
However at least I used the chance to let out what is pissing me off a little about the platform/the carelessness of Etsy itself. Let’s call it constructive feedback..

Well, it was interesting to visit such an event. Just experience-wise. I guess many folks use this opportunity to do some ‘networking’ with other crafters/sellers but I am not very fond of such things. (I might be a little unsocial at times..)

The room was lovely though. Kind of ‘urban chic’ or however its called nowadays. LOL



On the way back the famous Takeshita Street was calm and empty.

And because the finger food was not enough, we had a parfait as a night dessert. (You can see me hard working on networking all my SNS platforms. Snap a photo of my food – aaand put it on instagram. (Story of my life.)

Have a great start in the week, lovelies!
It’s February already btw. Ugh!